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  • Inez Suen

Project: UBS x IS

We had the pleasure of co-hosting an experiential art event with our friends at UBS Gramercy Wealth Management Group. The evening began with a cocktail hour at Oxalis garden bar, a Brooklyn neighborhood bistro.

It was a fun way to gather a group of people over a shared interest in art.  From left to right: Dee Kerrison, Inez Suen, Andrew Cornell Robinson, Michael A. Guild, Gordon Cheung, Gavin Cheung, Cristina F. Debrito.

Thanks Dee Kerrison who flew all the way from Los Angeles and Andrew Robinson who drove all the way from his studio in Bushwick. ;P

After our cocktails, we headed across to street to theBrooklyn Museum for a private tour of “Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving” with Catherine Morris, the Brooklyn Museum’s Senior Curator. 

Frida Kahlo dressed to make a statement.  She used fashion to hide her physical insecurities about her body and project beauty, strength and identify.  She took many fashion cues from the culture of Tehuantepec, a matriarchal city in Oaxaca.  Thanks Catherine!

Frida Kahlo / Frida on the bench, 1939, Photograph by Nickolas Muray

After the tour, we meandered back to Oxalis to be greeted by beautiful flowers and table settings thanks to Soleil Jacobson and Anna Gurvits.

Andrew Cornell Robinson was the highlight of dinner.  Not only was his artwork on the table for thought and inspiration, he lead the group in an exercise of exquisite corpse.

Yes! We make you do work before we eat at our events! Andrew has collected all the drawings to do a new art project.  Can’t wait to see them!! 😊

We would like to thank our partners, Eric Berger, Cristina F. Debrito and Michael A. Guild at UBS for working with us to create such a memorable evening.

Special thanks to Bob Pierot, Stephanie García,  Rodrigo Valles, Greg Berg and Steve Wong and the team at Oxalis for putting up with our shenanigans.


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