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Project: L.A. with Tofer Chin

Earlier this month, IS hosted a gathering at Los Angeles based artist, Tofer Chin’s studio for some of our friends. We landed in LAX while Tofer was finishing up a mural at Maywood Academy and got to see the mural in progress…

The day before the open studio event, we met to discuss and organize the studio.  Contrary to the stereotypical chaotic messy artist work space, Tofer’s studio is an extension of his artwork with perfect proportions and clean lines. 

He actually designed and oversaw the construction of the space himself taking careful consideration of the dynamic natural light abundant in Southern California. His studio is tidy and functional and we actually had to remind ourselves to stop cleaning or else people won’t believe he actually works there.

Image to the right is the view from behind the artist’s work table – special thank you to Cookie Chang, our dear intern, for helping us set up!

Morning of the event, Tofer is still busy working on new works on paper.

Above is the new open series of works on paper that Tofer had started when he was traveling in Spain with his family. They are acrylic on paper, 9x12 and people are snatching them up like hotcakes.

To its right is Tofer showing Bryan Barcena Assistant Curator and Manager of Publications at MOCA LA his new paintings.

Gianna Drake-Kerrison, Hoojung Lee of Art All Ways, Dee Kerrison, and Sara Hantman of VSF chopping it up about back-in-the-day in New York. Next to them is my absolute favorite – these new series, Ledge No. 1- 3., acrylic on canvas, 72 x 54 in.

No IS event can go without amazing food.  Thank you The Mood Board L.A. for creating this amazing spread for us! IG @themoodboardla.

No better way to end this week with Tofer Chin mural, Intentions at LAX Airport Terminal 7, Ticketing Lobby.

Interested in learning more about Tofer Chin or inquiries about pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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