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  • Inez Suen

Project: Dim Sum Dialogues – "Bridging Cultural and Generational Gaps in 2020"

Yesterday, I moderated an amazing line up of speakers for International Chinese Fine Arts Council (ICFAC) second Dim Sum Dialogues – "Navigating the In-Between: Bridging Cultural and Generational Gaps in 2020". The webinar dives into the intersections between relationships, communications, and culture, discussing and sharing valuable knowledge, stories, and insight with leaders of the creative community. It was super fun!

With guest speakers: Andrew Wong [@awongsw1] – Michelin star chef, anthropologist, and cultural observer; Anthony Key – artist, cultural iconographer, and historical narrator; Jenny Wang – licensed psychologist, Asian diaspora mental health specialist, and creator of@asiansformentalhealth; Laura Auricchio [@lauraauricchio] – Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Professor of Art History, and author; Sin-Ying Ho [@sinying.ho] – porcelain ceramic master, associate professor, and MFA chair of Department of Art at Queens College; moderated by Inez Suen, ICFAC Director.

For many, the COVID-19 lockdown and recession means being confined at home or in restricted spaces, whether it be online or offline. From trends, to beliefs, to lifestyles, and in many cases, identities, we may find ourselves in a constant struggle between our perspectives and others. While these cultural and generational differences have always been part of relational lives, for better or for worse, we seem to be forced to reckon with it now, more than ever before. 

In Overseas Chinese families and communities, there’s a lot of rhetoric of avoiding confrontation and to ‘respect your elders’ – where the negativity associated with having a conversation where one may create conflict or challenge each other’s viewpoints becomes a barrier preventing mutual understanding and real dialogues from being made.


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