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INEZ SUEN is an accomplished curator, entrepreneur, and a business advisor for creatives and small businesses. Born in Taipei and grew up outside Chicago with her community loving techie family, Inez's background and love for travel shaped her hands-on and adaptable work style. She collaborates with international artists, studios and collectives offering business advisory and consultation, bridging the gap between the art world with modern technology. Her multidisciplinary background includes degrees in design and a recent certification in business applications of Blockchain.  

Inez Suen in Beijing

Passionate about supporting Chinese American communities in the arts, Inez step up and directs the 501c3 non-profit ICFAC (International Chinese Fine Arts Council) providing a vital platform for the Chinese Diaspora in the arts during the peak of pandemic-fueled racism in 2020 fostering a global community across the US, UK, and Asia. Notable projects include "Dim Sum Dialogues," "In Honor of Vincent Chin," and the recent "Asian Portraiture Project."

Outside her thriving art world endeavors, Inez finds spends her time tending to her garden or embarking on exciting journeys to explore new destinations and culinary delights. 

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